How to Measure Fireplace Doors

Rectangular, c/w Sleeve
  • Measure to the bottom of steel lintel or marble, whichever is lowest

  • Note if protruding bricks interfere with overlap of frame

  • Note if fireplace floor is higher than hearth extension

  • If inside fit required, specify sleeve flush with frame

Rectangular Mortar-In Frame on Field Stone
  • Determine largest rectangle as defined by innermost stones

  • Chisel down stones that are dramatically different so frame will sit more naturally into the opening

Arch, c/w Sleeve
  • Get a piece of cardboard that is larger than fireplace opening

  • Cut hole in middle for arm

  • Tape or hold cardboard so it doesn't move

  • Reach inside and trace profile

  • Mark which is inside/outside

  • To mail template, transfer profile to paper and fold

Arch Mortar-In Frame on Field Stone
  • Follow arch c/w sleeve instructions

  • Don't try to cut the cardboard the shape of the stones; what we need to know is the actual shape of the required door frame

  • Be sure to note if clearance from the stones to frame is included in template

  • Mortar-in frame sits 1/4 inch in from outside of door frame

Rectangle or Arch, c/w Bricklayers Frame
  • Width, Center and Side frame measurements required

Square to Arch, Bowed, Wide Material, Paneled Frame, Built-Out
  • Photos help in describing/designing complex doors